How to Blacklist Wi-Fi Users?

Several devices can be wirelessly connected to a Wi-Fi network without a password for public wireless networks and with a password for password-protected wireless networks. The larger the number of Wi-Fi users, the lower the quality of the network, and the speed will deteriorate. Bandwidth utilization of the host and connected Wi-Fi users increase individually with wobble internet services and poor connectivity. The host also monitors the internet connection and the Wi-Fi users connected to it.

How to block wifi users

While modifying your router’s password is an effective way to restrict access to an unknown device, it’s a bit cumbersome and futile. There is absolutely no assurance that the attacker will not ‘crack’ the new password and re-access your network. You will also need to enter a new password for all devices previously connected to your Wi-Fi network. On the other hand, blocking the device is a success, which makes the device “lifetime” a ban that is included in the “Blacklist” of your router.

Best Methods to Block Devices From Wifi Network:

Here are some secure ways to identify and block anyone or devices on your Wi-Fi network without resetting your router’s password:

Wireless MAC Address Filtering:

Let’s discuss what ‘MAC’ means before explaining how filtering the MAC address helps prevent unknown devices from connecting to your Wi-Fi network.

Mac is the “Media Access Control” acronym, and the MAC address is the (hardware) ID number that distinguishes the device from the network. The MAC address is generated on each network card and no similar MAC address may exist on any of the two devices in the world.

However, you can either automatically instruct your router to allow or deny network access via the MAC address of the device.

  • Login to the Access Point control panel of your router
  • You can see the MAC Filtering option under the Wireless or WLAN section.
    Wireless MAC filtering
  • Change the status of MAC Filtering to ‘Enabled’ if disabled
    status of MAC Filtering
  • Add devices to your MAC Address List and choose whether to allow or cancel network access to your router.
    MAC Address List
  • Some routers allow the user to select/unselect devices from the MAC address list that are connected to them.

Immediate Block or Ban of Users From Wifi Network:

Instead of the MAC Address List, some Wi-Fi Routers allow users to restrict unidentified devices by clicking the button to be included in the Blacklist. It may vary with the router type, but you can also add devices to your router’s blacklist under “Device Management” on the dashboard or control panel of your access point page. There, or anything like that, you can see the “block” user icon.

block wifi users

This would be another successful way to discourage anyone from accessing the Internet via your router with no passwords changed. This is a little more efficient than MAC filtration because the system can alter or bypass the MAC address.

It is recommended to check that only known devices are tied to your Wi-Fi connection. Unknown devices on the network can be hackers, and you have a lot that a hacker can do on your system, which involves manipulating data and folders on the same network. This is one of the key reasons to avoid public Wi-Fi

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