How to Check WiFi Signal Strength?

A strong wifi connection allows the user to browse the internet and download documents, files, pictures, videos, etc. If you notice that your web pages are not being downloaded you certainly have trouble with your Wifi connection. Probably you are far away from the router or it could be that you are out of range or the signal is being blocked. A strong wifi connection will enable you to perform your task easily and get the maximum benefit of Internet speed.

How to Check WiFi Signal Strength?

If you are close to the router you will enjoy speed Internet. If the signal is weak, the internet slows down and at times gets disconnected. But an unstable connection does not always indicate that the signal is weak.

Steps to Check WiFi Signal Strength:

Check the Wifi signal strength by following  certain steps:

  • The first step is to reboot the router if the problem persists check the wifi connection. All smartphones and other electronic gadgets used in Android, iOS, Windows, or Mac have wifi connection indicator. The curve line makes the wifi symbol, there are four or five such curved lines. If the curves are not empty but filled, it indicates that the network connection is strong.
    what is a good wifi signal?
  • Remember that each phone, laptop, or tab has distinct wifi strength. So it would be better to check not just one device, but at least two or more so that you will be able to compare the results of checking the strength of wifi.
  • If you notice that the wifi connection is low in a particular location, move around in the vicinity of your home or other places to check in which area the wifi bars increase or decrease.
  • The wifi Analyzer App for Android and Airport Utility App for iPad or iPhone can be made use of to check the strength of your wifi. Both of these apps are user friendly and provide excellent results. It is not necessary for the Mac users to download the app, by pressing the option key and clicking on the wifi symbol the user can view dBm measurements.
    wifi Analyzer App
  • milliwatts(mW) is the precise measurement, it could be tough to read because of the decimal places. The measurements in dBm are shown in negative numbers. It begins with -30 to -90. A perfect connection indicates -30 which means you are close to the router. On the other hand, if the wifi signal shows -90 it indicates the connection is weak. -50 is excellent and -60 dBm is useful for streaming, connecting to voice calls, etc. Received Signal Strength (RSSI) is used for checking or measuring the wifi signal strength.
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  • When the area in the house is vast, it would be advisable to go for a mesh router. It will stimulate and increase the wifi signal in the vicinity of your house. It adds other outstanding aspects like guest network and automatic firmware updates.
  • Another option is to consider creating a wifi heat map to discern where the wifi network is low and high by generating a sketch of the house and moving around the house to measure the strength of wifi. In case the heat map depicts weak signals throughout it is time to switch to mesh router.¬†¬†

Final Words:

Wifi signals are measured in dBm that is decibel milliwatts and they are expressed in negative values. The Received Signal Strength Indicator (RSSI) is ideal for measuring the signal strength. There are certain built-in programs to monitor the connection strength. The latest windows edition has a network icon that can be viewed on the taskbar, the curve line there indicates the signal strength. The first one refers to the poor signal and the fifth one means that you are enjoying the high-speed Internet connection.

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