How to Reset your Wi-Fi Router?

Is your internet connectivity fluctuating? Are you not able to watch your favorite shows due to such disruptions? Well, resetting your Wi-Fi router is the apt thing that you should try if your connection goes down. However, there are immense facilities for resetting a Wi-Fi router.

It will reset your connection settings, mangle malicious threats on your network, and also boot off unrecognized devices from your network. This article includes detailed steps for resetting your Wi-Fi router. Here is how you can significantly reset this manually and remotely!

Resetting Wi-Fi Router: Different Best Ways

Quickly follow these steps to get a hassle-free resetting experience:

1. Physically unplug your router and modem:

You need to be very vigilant while using a Wi-Fi router. This is because your router may have an onboard option of ‘Reset’ or ‘Restart’. This procedure unknowingly initiates a factory reboot and expunge all your valuable current settings.

After keeping in mind these hassles, simply unplug your router and also the modem from everything they connected with. After unplugging, let your router calm down for a minute. It is mandatory to ensure your router is completely cooled off and all the registered devices in that Wi-Fi network are down.

However, it is time to plug the modem back to its power source. Let it warm-up and ready to provide robust internet connectivity again.

2. Update your firmware:

For the hassle-free functioning, your router requires a ‘firmware’ software. The Wi-Fi router does not require upgrades like various operating systems. But sometimes it is necessary to perform occasional updates to get rid of severe vulnerabilities. That is why you will require your Wi-Fi router login credentials.

Open a required app or administrator to install firmware. Every router manufacturing brand should possess their instructions to get into the administrator tools. After logging in, there would be a firmware update and router update. Opt for your preferred option and quickly follow the instructions.

You would not be able to use Wi-Fi when the router uploads and accomplish the firmware patch. It will not take more than 5 minutes. In this time of upgrading, never try to make a fuss with your router! As this may cause serious jeopardy!

3. Update Any Related Apps:

Many neoteric routers offer plentiful apps that you can download on your smartphones without any hassle. These apps are able to view router usage reports and operate your router settings.

If you are an avid user of these apps, make sure to go through the app settings and check if the app is completely updated to its modern version. This is although a small yet significant step that you should take good care of! The aforementioned point is true if your Wi-Fi router avails of a voice assistant app.

4. Change your password:

It is inevitable to change your default password if you are still using this. Hackers can easily break through a common password. Therefore, you should get a good idea when you just logged into administrator controls. There are myriad people out there who are convicted of keeping that default password for innumerable administrator stuff. That is why people are getting hacked! Therefore, it is necessary to keep changing your password while resetting your router.

Final Words:

The inevitability of resetting your Wi-Fi router is not just a stale way to fix crucial issues. But it is also vital for your router’s general health. A frequent resetting can also stop the horrendous malware activities. Apart from that, it helps to clear the router’s memory. However, there are a lot of devices connected with that router, so it is fruitful to reset sometimes!

Please ensure that you are resetting your router and not performing a full factory reset. Therefore, have a diligent look at the description before operating the process!

Go and reset your Wi-Fi router with the help of the ‘reset’ button if you are unable to recall its passwords. However, here we have amassed a detailed guide upon resetting your Wi-Fi router. Follow these simple steps if you are stuck into what should do and what should not! Resetting your Wi-Fi router is an easy way to prolong your router’s motility.

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