How to Create a Strong WiFi Password?

Password creates a defense against unauthorized people having access to your personal information and data. Giving a strong password is further protected from malicious software and hackers who try to steal the user’s identity. While creating your password make sure nobody is around you watching and do not share your password details with others and never write your password on a paper that can be easily obtained by others. When the browser asks your permission to remember your password always select Never.

How to Create a Strong WiFi Password

There are good passwords as well as bad passwords. A good password has everything that is available on your computer keyboard or mobile screen. It is a mix of special characters, letters, numbers, symbols which is difficult for hackers to crack. A bad password can be hacked quite easily since it includes your name or date of birth and the same password is used for multiple accounts. There are reports that show us that every single day a quarter of a million passwords are being hacked or stolen. So never think of creating a weak password that hackers can easily unlock.  It is the responsibility of each and every individual to keep their private account safe and secure. This article will discuss certain guidelines that can assist you in creating a strong wifi password.

Tips To Create Strong Wifi Password:

To create a strong wifi password remember these few basic rules :

  • Make use of a trusted password manager to track all your passwords. For all those people who truly value their security, this is a good choice. For various accounts, sophisticated passwords can be created using a password manager. The benefit of creating such an account is you only need to remember one password which is the password manager, it has to be remembered, otherwise, you will not be able to unlock your other passwords.
  • Never give a silly password like a sequential letter or number and avoid common substitutions. Give strong passwords like misspelling a word, symbol, or number, a special character that makes passwords difficult to guess. But make sure you are not physically carrying your password since it can put you at higher risk in case you lose it.
    Strong Good Password
  • Your password needs to be unique, never include your personal information like your date of birth, your name, the name of your spouse, children, or your pet’s name. Never reveal your password to others. In case you share a common password with your family or friends for movie watching accounts, don’t use the same password for your other private accounts.
    unique password
  • Keep your password long since length and complexity are the trademarks of a good password. Your password should consist of a minimum of eight characters and it should be a mixture of several characters like symbols, number, upper case, and lower case. To assist you in remembering your password,  use a long idiom or meaningful sentence that is close to your heart or gives you a hearty laugh.
    lengthy password
  • Never give the same password for your multiple accounts. Some people give the same password for all their accounts so that it can be remembered easily. But, if someone managed to unlock your password, they can easily get access to all your other accounts which has repeated or reused passwords. So it is advisable not to use the same password for your multiple accounts. Maintain a unique password for different accounts.

Password will permit you to access your own personal information and it will protect your account from hackers and cybercriminals. So always give a strong uncrackable password. Creating a strong password is vital for security reasons as well as to keep yourself safe from cybercriminals. Regularly changing your password will help you to protect your personal data and to keep them safe.

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