How to Update Router Firmware?

Your router is like a firewall that shields all your Wi-Fi devices against hackers. That being said, your router can not block new threats without updating its firmware. The most up-to-date updates available are recommended to maintain the security and reliability of your network. Most routers have a built-in update checker that can automatically run the complete cycle or not. This is how to upgrade your router to make your system more efficient and optimize your home protection.

Your device must be connected to your router network. If you’re not connected to your Wi-Fi router network, you won’t be able to access your router settings.

Steps to update Router firmware – Guide

In the search field of almost any search engine, type your IP address: Please check your router for your IP address. Upon entering your IP address in your device’s browser window, you will have access to your router’s configuration tab. Most routers have an IP address written on a downside sticker.

Enter the password and the username: If you log in to your router settings for the first time, log-in details can be found in your router’s user guide or in the router itself. You can reset the router and use the default login details when you don’t know the username and password of the router.

Navigate the firmware tab: You can find the firmware section to update it. Typically, this can be found in the Advanced, Administration, or Management section. Spectrum depends on the label and model of your router. To find the firmware update files, you need to search for the model number of your router. The. ZIP file is often included in a compressed folder containing appropriate files. Please be aware that you download the firmware update for your router model.

Transfer the file: You’re going to have to transfer files from the compressed directory to another location because the files come in a zipped file. Open the ZIP file and extract the files from your firmware. In the update window, click Choose File or Browse. Select the required router update file on your desktop. Start the upgrade phase, please.

Remember that the update will take a couple of minutes and that the firmware installation cannot be interrupted. If the power goes abruptly, stop updating the firmware of the router. Never turn off the router during the update.  

Reboot the router after the firmware has been fully deployed. This will take place automatically, but if not, the router can be restarted by pressing the reset button, which is normally located at the back of the device. Click and hold it for 10 seconds or longer. You’re going to have to be able to see your lights flicker indicating that the update process is complete.

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